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Review of Celebrating God’s Promises

How fun is this?! What a nice review from Tracie at Bible Journaling Ministries. Included in the video is a chance to win ALL FOUR booklets in the series, along with the awesome book, The Art of Bible Journaling. Also, sign up for Tracie’s email list. Her website is packed with Bible Journaling tips and techniques. Thanks, Tracie!


Bible Journaling Fun!

Did you know that my Bible journaling booklet, Celebrating God’s Promises is one in a series of four? These ladies are super-duper awesome people, and their art is Ahhh-May-Zingggg! Wow, I am blessed to be in their company.

All of the booklets are now available in all Hobby Lobby stores. Three are in all Michaels stores (Mine is shy ?, and is waiting in the wings to appear in Michaels in 2018)

They are also all available on Amazon:

Celebrating God’s Promises– Krista Hamrick

Honoring the Spirit– Sue Kemnitz

Trusting in God– Anita Haines

Everlasting Hope– Karla Dornacher