Who, Me?

Krista Hamrick creates art that celebrates.

It all began at the age of three when Krista created a family portrait of jellybean shaped people that had smiles connecting from eye to eye.  Home was a secure, cozy and creative place, and as a painfully shy child, her favorite thing to do was to stay close to the nest and draw pictures.  Art became a way for Krista to express herself without being the center of attention.  So, obviously, she grew up and married the most outgoing man she had ever met.

In 1994, after several years as a staff artist in a small illustration studio, Krista began licensing her art.

Over the years, Krista’s art has become more and more expressive of the faith and values that have shaped her as a person.  Still introspective and eternally optimistic, she hopes to inspire you through her illustrations to celebrate your own life, gifts and relationships as well.