Families are Forever

(click for larger view– I know, I’ve posted pieces of this before!  Here’s the whole A-Z.) 
If I do say so myself, I have a very cool family.  We are an introverted bunch.  Half of us live on the East Coast, and half live on the West Coast.  In addition to my parents, I have two brothers and one sister, with 17 years between the first and the last.  We are terrible about calling, only a little better about e-mailing.  You would think that we wouldn’t be that close.  But we are.
Last Christmas, my younger brother and I started a family blog.  It’s our own little spot where we can all get together and be “just us”.  We post distorted portraits of ourselves, pictures of the kids’ school projects, intrepid explorations and crazy hairdos.  We crack each other up.
All that to say, I’m awarding my family, and our blog, Be True to Your Roots, the Renee Award that was so generously awarded to me by my buddy, Susan.  (Back at ya, Babe!)
For the history of the Renee Award, dreamed up by Ces and Bella to honor their friend, click here.    The Renee Award is all about friendship, nurturing and supporting each other.  It’s what my family means to me.  (What a lovely legacy, Renee!  I’ll see ya when I get there!)

Illustration Friday– Rescue

Today I had big plans.  I was going to make great strides on a new series, until I spilled red water (madder carmine!) all over them, and my entire desk, chair, books, carpet, everything.  Befuddled, I gave up and went in a new direction.  (It was either that, or make brownies and eat them all before the kids got home!)

The prompt this week at Illustration Friday is Rescue.  The love-of-my-life has been a public safety diver and Captain of the Phoenixville Dive-Rescue unit for nearly 17 years.  This is Scott, not actually rescuing (or sadly, more often than not, recovering) but running a drill.  He and his team spend countless volunteer hours every month  practicing, taking classes, maintaining equipment and writing grant proposals.  And, while the hope is to never have to answer a call, days can be spent at a moment’s notice performing their public duty.

And, while I often complain about the hours he puts in, I’m secretly really, really proud of him.

Illustration Friday– Expired

Expired–That blissful feeling when the crying finally stops and all’s right with the world!

This is for my baby sister, who’s got some wailin’ going on at her house!