I recently completed Monica Lee’s e-course called Smart Creative Style.  Oh my goodness!  My head is spinning with information and inspiration!

First off, I decided to refresh my logo.  Being a swirly girl, I have always loved this one, so I decided not to go too far afield.  Also, I didn’t want to rely on a particular font to define the character of my logo.  (I wanted it to say, “Krista Hamrick” and not Papyrus or Comic Sans!)  It was a bit of a search to find the right font to counterpoint my hand-drawn letters, but I found it!

The next step was to consider altering the color.  I have found that the grayed purple/ indigo worked well on my portfolio pages, but I am confident that the new, fresher turquoise blends with my color palette and will complement my art as well.

Want to boost your business sense and your Creative Style?  Check out Monica’s course and website, Smart Creative Women. 

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