While any dog can be trained to do detective work, (my rescue-guy knows of a chihuahua currently being trained!) German Shepherds are pretty typical because of their intimidating appearance.

You guessed it, this is the “G” to a dog alphabet!  I love creating alphabets because it gives me a framework to start from, I get to do a lot of research— ahem, detective work, filling in all the letters for a particular subject, and believe it or not, it is really fun for me to arrange all those squares so that they fit into an 8X10″ rectangle.  (And manufacturers seem to like them!  Hallelujah!)

One day I’ll re-do the “Husky” block to look more like our new dog, Maya, who is red and white, and I’ll even add the word “Siberian” on the side because we found out that owners prefer to call them “Siberians” to differentiate them from the larger and stronger (but not faster!) original Alaskan sled dogs that were nicknamed “huskies”.  What did I know?  I’m smarter now.  Our dog at the time, “S” for Samoyed, was Malachi, who went to romp in the daisies last summer at the ripe old age of  3-days-short-of-16.

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