When the man-of my -dreams and I got married, we decided to wait a while to have children, but we immediately adopted two Samoyeds (seemingly moments after the wedding).  It wasn’t long before we realized what we were in for.  According to breed characteristics, Samoyeds are prone to run (they are sled dogs, after all) bark a lot, have separation anxiety and are– get this– destructive.   

Cody and Malachi proved themselves to be true Samoyeds in every way, especially the destructive part.  They got into the kitchen cabinets, so we put baby locks on them.  They broke the baby locks and chewed up cans.  Malachi finally got crated after we sold our house and he tore up the dishwasher.
Cody and Mal have both gone on to romp in the daisies, but not until after 16 years of good times.  We miss them dreadfully.
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