A new life is hatched!
OK, so here’s the crazy process I go through on Friday (four times now!)  First, I eagerly await the change of topic.  Then, when it finally changes, I have a moment of despair, thinking, “Oh rats, I don’t have anything for that and I could never possibly think of anything, create it and post it in a week!  Besides, I really need to get my current projects done!  So I guess I’ll just have to skip it this week.”  Then I say to myself, “But I really want to do this!  I don’t want to miss out on all the fun– how can I pull this off?”

A couple of weeks ago, for “entangled”, I pretended to watch the action-packed-car-chase-heavy-non-existant-romance movie that my husband and kids had picked for a family night, and lost myself in my sketchbook and all of Gerald and Celeste’s happy dreams for their future together.  Then, of course, the agony was, “Can I possibly allow myself to post a sketch?  Yikes!!  A piece of art that hasn’t been labored over and loved on?”  Ultimately, I did it, and I lived through it!  People were kind to me, and it was a lovely feeling.  And, I was able to spend time working on those current projects.

Last week and this week, I went through all of paragraph one, but then added, “Hmmm… I have posted a sketch, maybe I should come up with some amazing new concept and do a sketch.”  Then I went to fold the laundry or some other such nonsense.  Meanwhile, images were scrolling through my mind and I actually remembered one or two that just might work.  Not to give up the wrestling match so easily, I then had to go back and forth between,  “Well, that doesn’t quite fit, something painted purely for this really would be better”,  and, “Just post it already!!!”

So here it is, I’m posting it.
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