Yep, I know… a real stretch for IF’s prehistoric.  I’m having one of those days in the creative cycle where ideas are supposed to be formulating and licensable art is supposed to be flowing out of me in preparation for a big trade show in January, but instead I’m pacing around, scratching with pencils like I’ve never drawn before, being distracted by plans for, oh, only a major holiday coming up, and scrounging through the kids’ Halloween candy in hopes of finding something that will snap me out of it.  (I even found a box of prehistoric register marks and made a snowflake out of them before I decided that was just too ridiculous to post.)

So I’m going with the idea that the concept of PEACE was the ideal long before we started keeping track of  our shenanigans by painting them on cave walls and inscribing them into clay tablets.  Mostly I’m posting this to get my blog looking all Christmassy again.  (And, this guy was once very good to me in retail sales– he attended a bunch of holiday parties as paper goods, and made the rounds on Christmas letters as stationery, so he deserves a little attention.  He’s nowhere to be found now, which makes him old, if not prehistoric.)

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