Today I had big plans.  I was going to make great strides on a new series, until I spilled red water (madder carmine!) all over them, and my entire desk, chair, books, carpet, everything.  Befuddled, I gave up and went in a new direction.  (It was either that, or make brownies and eat them all before the kids got home!)

The prompt this week at Illustration Friday is Rescue.  The love-of-my-life has been a public safety diver and Captain of the Phoenixville Dive-Rescue unit for nearly 17 years.  This is Scott, not actually rescuing (or sadly, more often than not, recovering) but running a drill.  He and his team spend countless volunteer hours every month  practicing, taking classes, maintaining equipment and writing grant proposals.  And, while the hope is to never have to answer a call, days can be spent at a moment’s notice performing their public duty.

And, while I often complain about the hours he puts in, I’m secretly really, really proud of him.

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