Did you ever feel like you wanted to clean the house rather than draw?  Nah, me either.  But it is time well spent.  Don’t you just feel more on top of things when your house is clean??  More productive, creative, even better looking?

So here’s my thought process today as I mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathrooms (because it does have to be done eventually, right?  By somebody…)  I thought, I could render a beautiful family moment for Illustration Friday’s prompt Spent— and believe me when I say I got all choked up and teary-eyed over it– or I could do a quick sketch of a mop and bucket.  That, and a really big bag of fun-size treats on the counter, led me to remember just about the best Halloween costume that ever appeared on our doorstep, which was this:

Yes, it was a 12-year-old-ish boy dressed as a janitor with a leash threaded through a wrapping paper tube and a shaggy dog as a mop!  I will never forget that kid.

So there you go, a post that is a bit of a stretch for IF, but timely for Halloween, and my house smells like lemons.  Nyah, nyah, na, na, na!

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