If you stop believing in Santa, does all the Christmas magic come undone?
This year was a milestone for our family.  (See my post on Dec. 12.)  I remember being told as a kid who was old enough to know better, (at Easter, probably to cushion the blow), and I thought it was just the coolest thing that my parents had pulled it off all those years!  I wasn’t really expecting, as a parent, to be unable to determine Santa’s status in my own  kids’ minds.
Just two summers ago, it was revealed to me by my older son, Grayson, now 11, that he hadn’t believed for a couple of years!  “It’s just scientifically impossible” he said, but he also admitted that he was afraid it would all come to an end if we knew that he knew.  Asher, however, never doubted.  Until…. the wrapping paper he had seen in his stocking just last year was now being hauled out of the closet to be used as a family project!  Wait a minute!!  So, my husband and I had to go into “pick-up-the-pieces-and-make-this-okay” mode.  And, almost a week later, it is.  He does keep saying, “It WOULD be fun if..,” and I keep thinking to myself, “Nothing has changed, my love, it will still be fun!”
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